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Land Use and Zoning: What You Need to Know

At the law firm of Lynch & Eatman, L.L.P., our Raleigh land use and zoning attorneys assist clients in The Triangle and throughout North Carolina with land use matters, providing advice, representation and guidance to developers, landowners, homeowners, tenants and other clients. Our firm is committed to providing clients with the comprehensive legal services they need, whether you are a homeowner seeking a variance for a minor project or a developer needing to plan, permit, build and operate a complex commercial development.

Land Use and Zoning in North Carolina: The Basics

Land use regulations, including zoning laws, are enacted and enforced by local governments to promote and protect the public and environmental welfare, community aesthetics and the best use of property. In many North Carolina towns, cities and counties, these regulations are adopted and incorporated as part of a unified development ordinance that includes a zoning map, a table of permitted land uses within each zoning district, building standards such as setbacks, height limitations and buffer requirements, stormwater and environmental regulations and much more.  

Whether you are a developer, investor or a business owner or operator, it is essential to understand the applicable land use and zoning laws when considering whether to purchase or lease property. We can help you navigate this process, from determining how land use regulations affect your intended use of the property and addressing those matters in your purchase contract or lease, to helping you obtain any necessary rezoning, special use permits or other approvals and entitlements.   

What Is a Variance?

At Lynch & Eatman, L.L.P., variances are one of our most frequently handled land use matters. A variance generally refers to an approved deviation from a land use regulation that imposes an unnecessary hardship on the property owner. In most municipalities, variance requests are presented to the Board of Adjustment in a quasi-judicial public hearing. Drafting persuasive responses in your variance application and presenting sufficient evidence at the public hearing are key factors for increasing the chances that your variance request will be approved. 

Helping Clients Get Results

The experienced land use lawyers at our firm have represented clients before a wide range of city and county zoning boards and other regulatory agencies and authorities. Our attorneys are experienced in handling many types of land use and zoning issues, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • General and conditional use rezonings
  • Variances
  • Special use permits
  • Conditional use permits
  • Stormwater permits
  • Zoning compliance matters

Our firm has built a particularly strong track record representing retail and mixed-use project developers. In addition, we have represented the wireless communications industry since its beginnings in North Carolina. Our lawyers have been involved in the permitting of more than 1,000 tower sites and have participated in more than 500 special/conditional use permit hearings on behalf of wireless communications companies.

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At Lynch & Eatman, L.L.P., we welcome inquiries about land use and zoning issues in North Carolina from both existing clients and prospective new clients. To schedule a meeting with one of our experienced real estate attorneys, please call us at 919-944-4655 or email us.